Rewrite Episode 19: The paths are coming together

So, I guess we're done with the background stuff. I honestly wasn't expecting Kotarou to meet Kagari in this episode, but I'm glad we're getting through that quickly. I guess now we get to see all of that sweet, sweet Terra route stuff I've been hearing so much about. So now what? Time to go to the Middle East? Don't think I've forgotten about that.

I guess there's also something in this episode about our abilities and our pride. They don't have to be superhuman powers, but without confidence in our talents and trust in our ability to use them, they just lie around and waste the point where we've effectively lost them forever.

My question still stands, though. Now that this route has started and the Moon Kagari has solved the problem of humanity's destruction, is everything we're seeing now just a foregone conclusion? An inevitability?

Bondo? You mean like Bond? Couldn't resist a name like that for our main character working for a secret organization, huh? The opening animation for this route certainly isn't helping either.

That's a fair point. If the secret organization didn't want anyone to find out who Bondo is, why send him back to his hometown? And as for changing his facial features with his blood control, that's just not how blood works.

Putting this here for no reason in particular.

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be getting here. Is Imamiya just annoyingly chatty or does he have some kind of previous connection with Mikuni?

Wonder who that could be. Anyway, while Kotarou isn't exactly the best fit for battle against monsters, he actually fits the spy role pretty well, being resistant to drugs and excessive bleeding.

This logic...

This is probably the most impractically large weapon ever and the dinosaur just lets Mikuni throw it twice without doing anything.

At this point, we're just drawing lots out of a hat with these choices. Is there a pattern infinity on the bottom right? this is where he normally dies. I guess we did it? The world is saved!

As for the corpses of those other agents with Mikuni, who cares about them?

Hey, Kotarou! That's my job!

I was actually going to ask about Kotori if they hadn't shown this...saves me some trouble.

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