Youjo Senki and Recap Episodes

Well, all we have for Youjo Senki this week is a recap episode and I'm not going through an episode with no new content. Normally, I would replace this day with a different show that's available to me (like Blue Exorcist or Rewrite), but I usually do that to stall and give myself time to figure out how I'm going to fill the gap in the week. To be honest, I knew about this episode beforehand and probably could have just used the Fire Emblem post today, but I figured it's not exactly "Friday Fun" if it doesn't come out on Friday, right? Anyway, I've got an idea for this post, so I'm going to keep my normal schedule.

I'm not sure I've said it explicitly before, but my stance on recap episodes has always been pretty ambivalent. I'm not bothered by the episode itself, especially if it's purely a recap with nothing new mixed in. I can just skim through the episode just to make sure I'm not missing anything, which doesn't take too much time. Of course, I'm annoyed at the lack of a new episode which forces the recap episode to happen, but I can understand not wanting to release an episode that isn't finished (which I'm assuming is the reason here...6.5 is suspiciously in the center of the runtime, though).

I was thinking about recap episodes in general and it reminded me a bit of my own approach to this blog. If I'm missing an episode, like Youjo Senki this week, or if I'm running behind for whatever reason in my personal life, my philosophy has always been that posting something is better than nothing. Unfortunately, I'd say anime producers are disadvantaged in this respect, since it's hard to put out a throwaway episode that isn't a rehash.

While it's true I'd never edit a post after I've published it (other than to fix a grammatical error), a blog post can use the comments section to evolve. I like to think it's a sum of everything, rather than being limited to the text of the post itself. That's why I try to be responsive in my comments.

Then again, there are those other times when I put out pure fluff posts that aren't the most inviting to comments. Uhh...those are just my bad. But they're cool, right? Anyway, let me know in the comments what you think about recaps, my attempts at filling the gaps in my posting schedule, or, Being X forbid, my fluff posts.

  • Karandi

    Feb. 18, 2017, 5:06 p.m.

    Shows taking a week off really do throw out the posting schedule you painstakingly work out. Of course, so does me dropping shows mid-season in a tantrum akin to rage quitting a game mid story. That said, I'm comitted at the moment to three posts a day so I fill the gap with whatever I've got saved up or want to write about.
    From that point of view, I should probably stop complaining about recap anime episodes given its generally the studios equivalent to filling a gap in their schedule.



    Feb. 18, 2017, 5:49 p.m.

    unfortunately, im not the most creative guy in the world, so the contingency strategy is a bit tough. but yeah, recap episodes are awkward, but i at least give them points for effort.


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