Little Witch Academia Episode 6: Magic is so useless

So I think I finally figured out what my problem with Akko is. Her position in the school as the misfit loser student who fails at everything is not a bad background for this series, but I'm not really a fan of how much she tries to find the shortcut to being a witch. The only reason she doesn't actually get anything from them is that they tend to blow up in her face, but that doesn't really change the intent. It's not just this episode, either...there was the thing with the broom and the fact that she's had a constant obsession with the Shiny Rod too.

Sure, you can say that it makes sense given her character, since she strives to be as good as Shiny Chariot or whatever, but I just don't empathize with a character so willing to jump at any opportunity to get an unfair advantage. But hey, maybe seeing Shiny Chariot's past will change that? Also, I get a bit more specific below, but I think the world building in this show is kinda weak.

Whoa...her spell was so powerful, it created its own background!

This seems like primarily an aiming issue. Is Akko really that bad at magic? I suppose it's better than "you didn't say pronounce it correctly, so the spell failed".

Putting this here for no reason in particular.

Isn't it a little weird that the students are just standing there and staring at the guests? What exactly is this party accomplishing?

I still think that this is the hardest selling point of this series...the fact that they expect me to believe that these characters are living in a world where magic is seen as archaic and obsolete.

This is a nice reaction face. So I guess Andrew's a main character now, huh? Maybe a love interest?

The guy who insults magic because it's antiquated and useless can read Latin? You're going to have to explain this one to me.

Gasp! Fanservice!

Hah! I knew it! Let me just gloat for a few minutes...

This background for Shiny Chariot showing her to be similar to Akko isn't really surprising, but the question I have is why does her magic work here? Didn't they say in a previous episode that the Sorcerer's Stone is too weak in the nearby village?

That's sounding pretty ominous there. War soon? Or just a throwaway comment?

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