Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen Episode 6: The secrets are revealed!

I feel like this series just goes a lot smoother when it's not dwelling in flashbacks. I have to admit that, while it still doesn't make me like Tatsuma as a character more, having a literal contract that forces him to be secretive is a lot better than the standard "I was trying to protect you" reasoning we tend to get fed. I think overall this episode is a step in the right direction for...stuff happening.

Unfortunately, we're not completely out of the woods yet. You can see it a bit in the preview, but Rin's still got to deal with some confidence issues before he can go out into battle.

Trying to show us that Mamushi did nothing wrong?

Fujimoto hides it well.

I kinda get what Tatsuma's trying to say, but technically Fujimoto is just following orders here.

Well, I can't say I have a problem with this "medicine over prayer" message.

Aww...they're friends now.

How exactly did Todou find this out?

That's a little bit sketchy. Are we sure Karura is the good guy? Also, this explains why Tatsuma refuses to give away the secret despite the fact that Fujimoto taught him that his traditions were overrated.

Once again, the Crunchyroll video goes dark during a fire-related scene. Am I just nuts?

I feel like I need to understand more about these attacks for this to make sense. If Tatsuma uses the move that was used to defeat the Impure King on an immature Impure King, why wouldn't the move defeat him? And if it doesn't, why would the move work on the mature Impure King?

I have no idea how he survives this.

Yeah, I don't mind this twist. Still, shouldn't Karura be weaker now that the secret is revealed? Or was that just an arbitrary restriction from the contract?

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Honestly, this chapter ended up being pretty faithful. No unnecessary flashbacks.

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