Tales of Zestiria the X Episode 18: Okay, this does not count as a proper Berseria cameo

A lot of my complaints with the previous episode still stand, but I'd say overall this episode wasn't as frustrating as the last. I think overall impressions of this episode will depend on how you view the Berseria scenes. I personally didn't see them as much of a spoiler for the game, so I pretty much shrugged them off.

I guess the overall takeaway from the episode is that Rose finally joins the team officially, right? Also, I thought that using the dragon corpse to get Rose to join the team was a bit passive given that it was probably a good opportunity to get a decent fight in...something this season has been somewhat lacking. I talk a bit more about why I think a fight's appropriate below.

Well, he doesn't seem outwardly evil yet, but Konan was his son, right?

I'm going to get this out of the way early. The other mistakes I saw before this point were arguable, but this one's a clear typo. Because he's talking about Malevolence here, he means that they "can't" see it.

Oh...hey, Magilou. Wait, that's the Berseria cameo of this season?

Hey! Spoilers!

Still, knowing that Velvet gets painted as the bad guy should provide an interesting frame of reference for the game.

Haha was this in the game as well? Don't worry, Rose. If Sorey dies, just armatize him with a seraph and he'll come back to life.

Let me see if I got this. Based on what I just read, it sounds like Sorey is still the one that purifies the Malevolence, but Rose can take some of that weird memory backlash that he feels when he purifies a human? Surely, that can't be all of the power of the squire, but that's what I'm understanding from this.

Alright, Rose. I agree with that. Even if knowledge is a burden, I'd rather know and see what I don't want than live in ignorance.

Alisha is still your squire, right? Does she not share in the burden because she's far away? You'd think if Sorey truly cared for her, then he'd want to split the burden even further to avoid putting too much on Alisha.

I really don't feel for this scene. I mean, sure, we've been given the sense that dragons are on a completely different level than normal Malevolence, but this is still a pretty passive scenario since the dragon is dead. In the game, Sorey was forced to take Rose as a squire because of a dire scenario, an actual fight. This scene makes it feel like Rose should have had more time to reconsider.

Fun fact...apparently, Wilkis Wilk translates to "Rose is Rose".

Where have I seen this before?

Haha I'll give you this one.

Back to saving Alisha.

Poor Mibo has all the girls fighting over him.

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