Rewrite Episode 18: Joining the organization

I'd say this episode was more interesting overall than the last one. I think that this version of Kotarou makes for an interesting character and I'm cool with the fact that he seems very wary of himself and his power, despite how easy it would be for him to steal the spotlight in Guardian. There were a few points that didn't completely make sense overall, but they seemed pretty minor, I guess.

My immediate reaction was that was a joke because...well, there's no way this was actually a song name. But then I searched the name thinking it might be a reference and it turns out this is a song in the soundtrack. I don't know how to deal with dis knowledge.

Kotarou handles interrogations like he's a pro at it. Just how bad were his parents?

Whoa whoa...what is this supposed to be? A visual novel?

Sounds like both sides want Kotarou. You must choose!

If the choice came up, but they go on the trip anyway...does that mean that this is the part where Kotori's parents die? Guess there's no way to save them.

Oh look...a training montage. I wasn't expecting that.

Showing us this reaction was enough to show that Kotarou's reputation drops when he's announced as last place. I don't see why he had to also narrate that fact as well. But that aside, what exactly was this test that he failed? Is he only the worst because he hasn't used Rewrite yet?

Is it just me or do these three "broad" categories seem really restricted and specific? I don't even understand what the poaching type does. Is that just a ranged fighter?

Special training!

Whoa, that's like 8 stories up. I'm pretty sure this guy is dead even if he is a superhuman.

But...why? Is it just because they have a previous relationship? Is it Kotarou's attitude?

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