Little Witch Academia Episode 5: Witches need lawyers

I'm a little torn on this episode. It wasn't bad...with themes of magic as a dying field that can be applied to a lot of different areas. But I'm honestly getting a bit tired of Akko and Diana. Lotte's interlude last week was cool, and it really seemed like this episode might be the techie's time to shine. But she's largely ignored in favor of Diana saving the day as making the adults look like idiots. I mean, the dragon even had mechanical dragon security. It was perfect for the techie.

Cooking class in a nutshell.

Hey,'s not like you can ta-


Time reversal magic! That seems like it would be a pretty powerful spell, right?

Wait...this it the Sorcerer's Stone, right? The source of all magic at the school? Why can any flying creature (which is probably not that uncommon in the magic world) just come in a grab it?

That's a fair point. I mean, those dragons didn't exactly look that fierce, but they're still dragons, right?

You're not sketchy at all.

Haha this science-y character is awesome.

What a noble dragon.

So the school is in debt? I have no problem with this development.

Having a dragon that's stingy with money is pretty hilarious too, since fantasy stories generally use dragons to guard the treasure from the adventurers. So he's kinda hoarding the gold so he can protect it.

I think you mean "Draconic", buddy. This is why we have D&D. Unless there's some subtlety in the Japanese here that I'm missing. Speaking of which, Luna Nova needs more D&D players. There's almost guaranteed to be one person who knows Draconic in every party.

Given the time reversal spell I just saw, I find this highly unlikely. If witches and dragons weren't so stingy with magic, then they wouldn't be having these problems.

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