Friday Fun: Why I Watch Airing Shows

While I was going over my anime viewing habits in 2016 for the 12 Days of Anime series, I noticed that basically none of the shows I watched in 2016 were completed series. It's easy to point at my blog as the culprit, as I need to follow airing series to keep up my daily schedule. However, I only cover 6 or 7 series on this blog in each season, whereas I will watch about 20 series in total in each season (Blog-chan did nothing wrong!).

No, this issue is more of a barrier of entry. Something I've noticed with how I treat airing series is that if I fall behind more than three or four episodes for a series, I become a lot more likely to drop that series. So, the conclusion I draw is that my mind will be less willing to commit to completing a series if I know that I have a lot of content to cover. This distinction is important, because watching multiple airing series means that I still have to watch a 4 or 5 episodes at a time, but my individual commitment to any unique series is much smaller. In short, I just like switching what show I'm watching a lot.

As an overall analysis, I'd say one of the benefits of watching airing shows is I've been forced to examine shows a lot more on my own. There's more of a progression of opinions on the show. When I watch completed shows, I have a tendency to pull up summaries of future episodes to see where everything is headed, which dilutes the reactions. I also think it forces me to pick up more shows that I wouldn't normally watch simply because of the more limited pool. Though, I have to admit...cliffhangers in airing series are a bummer.

So, this post is part of an effort on my part to try something new. Let me know what you think!

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