Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo S2 Episode 5: Poor guy just wanted to die cool

Hey, I wasn't expecting an arc to end in this episode. Not that I'm complaining...I think that was a pretty good way to finish things. The episode did leave me with one question, though. Even if Kazuma erased the magic circle, what happened to the other monsters that left the dungeon? If Vanir had already cleared the dungeon, then getting rid of the magic circle shouldn't have any benefit since the monsters are already gone.

I was kinda expecting something to go horribly wrong in this episode. I think it gets boring if a comedy involves constant misfortune for the main characters, but I don't know what else to expect from this show. We'll see?

The delivery of this joke was great. They didn't explain it to us outright, but it's pretty clear that Aqua drove the monsters out of the dungeon with the magic circle she drew. Always funnier when it's not spelled out to you. And hey there, Chomusuke.

Honestly, I still haven't gotten tired of this joke.

Butler doods!

Oh right...I always forget that this is her character flaw. I wonder why I keep forgetting that.

Wait a minute. Death wish? You just said death wish.

Of all the people to possess...

At this point, I can't tell if Darkness is really possessed or just faking it.

Weird. When Aqua sensed something annoying about the mini-masks, it seemed like she recognized Vanir somehow. And here, Vanir acts as though he knows Aqua. It feels like there's something going on here, but it isn't really explored.

Please say Steal. Please say Steal.

I was all-in on the Steal, so I didn't see this coming.

Ahh...it's been a while since we saw a good Explosion. Good thing Megumin has been practicing.

Oh, I guess that whole subplot is resolved...

Megumin's having fun back there.

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