Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen Episode 5: Prison Rin

I wish I could report that this series is changing, but my comments are largely the same. Low amounts of action and excessive flashbacks playing me scenes I really don't want to see. I feel like the second half of this episode is probably the first time I've thought that this adaptation's pacing has been reasonable. I was honestly worried that they wouldn't make it through the entire letter from Suguro's dad before the episode ended.

I really don't understand the timing of this scene. Was there any reason why we couldn't have Yukio yell something like "it was a decoy!" when he found the van multiple episodes ago? It's not like that scene was particularly important or anything...just resolve it immediately instead of explaining it all here.

This feels like something you should share with the class, Yukio...even if it's just a hunch.

Yukio's anger seems...not quite like him here.

Ohh...I see where you're going with this. This is actually a fair point.

Is that style of writing in Japanese really comparable to cursive? I'm biased on this one because I was taught cursive in school way back, but I always thought that cursive letters looked enough like regular letters to be legible.

Ahh...the good old "argument from tradition". How do you even know that tradition is the answer if you're not trying anything else?

I feel like even while dead, Fujimoto manages to be the best character in this show. It's a shame he gets killed off in the first episode.

Well, if he's Fujimoto's friend, there's no way he's a bad guy.

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The only major difference I noticed other than the unnecessary flashbacks was that they added some extra conversation between Yukio and Shura, which seem to set up an emotional battle within Yukio. Whether this works out mostly depends on how much this gets expanded upon in the future.

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