Tales of Zestiria the X Episode 17: Rose joins the team?

This is going to be abundantly clear in review of this episode, but I really didn't get this episode. It started out with a setup that I think is fine: how do we define justice and what should we strive to attain when we seek justice? Rose has a grittier approach and Sorey has the idealistic approach, which makes for an interesting debate.

However, the episode decides to completely toss that debate out the window and have Rose decide that Sorey is right...for some reason. That's what I've been racking my brain to try and figure out. At what point did Rose decide that the justice that she was trying to achieve was wrong? From my perspective, she saw that Malevolence exists as a force she cannot see and that just...inspires her to side with Sorey.

This is what's wrong with Sorey's ideology. Remember his perspective...he can actually see the Malevolence manifested as a monstrous being to be destroyed. Justice for him is easy, something he doesn't even have to think about. But in real life, evil is not so cut and dry. That's why the discussion about justice is important. Alright...tirade over. Sorry for the wall of text.

So I did some research after last week's episode and apparently, in the game, Konan turning into a hellion was the reason that Brad was killed. So in this alternate story of Rose's side, it makes sense that Konan would be a hellion once again. Plus, it explains why he survived Rose's attack on a vital point.

Now here's my issue with the scene. In the game, the beginning scenes make it very clear that Sorey, as someone who has spent a lot of time with seraphs, is capable of seeing hellions in their true form, rather than the human form that they use as a disguise. I don't know if there are just "stronger hellions" later in the game that Sorey can't see, but this scene is basically saying that Sorey is incapable of doing that here.

Usually, this means that the bad guy is still alive, but I'm having a hard time figuring it out with this one. If Konan is dead, then the unsatisfying end to his life would hurt more for Rose, so it's probably the better outcome.

I hate leading questions like this. Also, I've watched this conversation like three times and it still doesn't make sense.

This conversation goes from "maybe envy and hate are the source of malevolence" to "anyone who denies it isn't human". How exactly do you make that work, Sorey? You're going from speculation to a strong moral statement based on that speculation.

I'm also annoyed that Sorey pretends to have a moral high ground while lecturing Rose about malevolence, but never gives a reason for why Rose isn't a hellion despite doing stuff he deems as "bad".

What's going on back there, Edna?

Whoa whoa...come back to this. Are we really not going to discuss this statement any further?

These guys totally don't seem suspicious.

Hey...those look like- oh right...I need to stop with the references.

Aaaand this is the problem with translating "kegare" as Malevolence...you get fun sentences like this.

Wait...Rose...are you convincing yourself right now? What exactly is changing your opinion?

I mean...this isn't an unreasonable statement.

Haha I guess this is an introduction for Dezel.

  • Karandi

    Feb. 7, 2017, 3:11 a.m.

    It definitely felt like Rose just decided to throw off her entire life philosophy because Sorey speaks with conviction when he has nothing ot back him up.
    I really didn't have much fun with this episode. Mostly I just felt like they wanted Rose to move on from this whole vengeance thing so they let her mope for most of the run time while very little else happened. Meanwhile we get statements about Dezel possessing Rose and various other comments that could be really interesting that are just brushed under the rug and forgotten. Definitely not a strong episode for the series but hopefully next week we move on.



    Feb. 7, 2017, 7:01 a.m.

    yeah, that's the main problem for me...if sorey had backed up his "killing is wrong" with more than just "i see malevolence", then id be more willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but i didnt see an argument that would really convince rose.

    the reason i point out dezel's possession statement in particular is that im pretty sure there something in the game where part of dezel's background was that he periodically used rose's body to investigate his revenge plot.


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