Rewrite Episode 17: All the characters get turned into lolis

I don't have all too much to say about this episode, but I do have a couple of questions. It looks like this episode is finally giving us the backstory for Kotarou. In the previous arc, they mentioned that Kotarou goes into a 10-year coma, which explains why he can go to school with the main characters despite being older than them, but when exactly does he get time to go to the Middle East and fight in a war? Is that the updated future from this route? Last week's episode suggested that changing the 10-year coma might be the key to the changing mankind's future, so is that just an older Kotarou going to war?

Well, this is different.

I totally have an excuse for including this picture. What was it? Oh, right! In this shot, Akane steps out to the left of Iko, but then the camera switches to an overhead shot where she's standing behind Iko on the right. That's...definitely the reason.

Yeesh...and I thought I hated it when my parents dragged me to these kinds of things.

This a little sadistic.

This is 10 years ago, right? Esaka ages quickly.

So this is how Yoshino was born...

Kotori uses this as a way to demonstrate Kotarou's heightened senses, but how much does it really show? Kotarou reacted to her mumbling from three feet away. His reaction didn't indicate that he knew what she said...detecting that she said anything in a silent house should be possible for most people.

Oh right...they're Gaia. I'm with Kotori here...I mean, accepting natural disaster? What does that even mean? Are they saying that we should just stop trying to keep people alive and accept that some people will die?

And randomly a dog.


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