Friday Fun: Tales of Berseria Early Impressions

Let's try something a little different...and see if I can keep this consistent. If you're following me on Twitter or Youtube, you may know that I've been streaming Tales of Berseria since it launched in the west. If you didn't know and are interested, you should totally watch it. I haven't gotten too far in the game, but I'm going to take the opportunity to give my general thoughts after playing for a bit.

From a story perspective, I can see where the game is trying to contrast itself with Zestiria. You start the game in a prison and recruit daemons and pirates to join you as you set out to kill the savior of humanity. So you're not exactly the good guys. It's interesting so far...revenge plots aren't too bad and Velvet seems like she's going to be smart about it. I expected her to be the type to rush in at the slightest mention of her target, but she seems to realize that she's pretty much always at a huge disadvantage.

It's probably a bit early to be judging the point I've reached, I've only gotten hints at their stories. Magilou seems fun so far...she's pretty much the troll of the party and tends to be the most active of a relatively silent and somber group. Laphicet is probably the most developed of the characters so far, but maybe there's something about his obvious role as a replacement for the other Laphicet that makes him mostly uninteresting.

The combat in the game is largely similar to Zestiria, except for the fact that Armitization has been replaced with the much more reasonable Break Soul. Break Souls are at least unique to each character (unlike the literal carbon copy of Rose and Sorey when it came to Armitization) and don't require removing a party member from the fight to activate.

I've also overall been having a tougher time keeping track of my skills in combat and figuring out which ones to use against which enemies...but that might just be a product of my not being too used to the game yet.

My main complaints with Berseria so far come from the equipment system. There are a handful of unique weapon types, but each weapon seems to have mostly random buffs. This makes the game seem like it will become Diablo-like in the later parts of the game, where I'm constantly hunting down the same weapon until I find one with stats I like. I'm sure it won't be quite that bad, but it's my initial fear.

The items also have an enhancement system, but each piece of equipment has its own skill that you can "master" by using that weapon in enough battles. It's hard to justify investing in a single weapon when it's very likely you're going to switch it away at any point.

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