Little Witch Academia Episode 4: Fangirling

This week's episode was Lotte's turn to be in the spotlight. I'm happy to see an episode like this because Lotte as a character hadn't really been introduced too much up to this point, so this is the first real time we get to see what she brings to the table.

Episodes like this tend to be hard to judge for's hard for me to decide whether it's endearingly meta or just a simple message of "please don't be too hard on us creators". Either way, it's not like I'm part of the problem, right? I'm totally nice with my reviews!

Owls! The preferred form of magical communication in...some media.

Akko has some amazing facial expressions. And this distinction is very important. How could you steal a tart?

This reference hurts. I didn't notice it when she mentioned the title night fall, but Belle and Edgar the vampire make it pretty obvious.

Never a good sign.

Laying on the otaku metaphor a little thick, huh?

Really? The crowd's much smaller than I expected. If a series is popular enough to span 365 books, you'd expect this place to be so full that this group of three would find it impossible to sit next to each other...especially since the book is available to non-magical people. You know how crowds are...all you want to do is sit together with your friends but there are always those guys who sit in the middle of the row by themselves and space themselves out just right so that- uhh...sorry, that got too real for a second.

If the quiz show only lets the first person to raise their hand answer, how exactly do you "reduce the number of contestants"?

Hold on...100 questions? Even optimistically, that would take more than an hour, right? There's no way the crowd is still excited.

There's probably a message in here somewhere about not overly criticizing the media we enjoy because we can't necessarily do better ourselves. Wait a second...I think I just wrecked myself.

Ahh! Don't do this, Lotte! You're triggering memories of Big Order!

This might be too much of a nitpick, but if Annabel is multiple authors, isn't it a bit of a coincidence that the answer to that final question was "hydrangeas"? The previous Annabels didn't necessarily need to like hydrangeas, right?

Who's that in the back over there?

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