ACCA - 13-ku Kansatsu-ka Episode 4: This is not the coup you're looking for

I like what they did with this episode, but I have to admit that I lost a lot of the feeling of tension throughout the second half of it. Still, I get the sense that this episode was meant to push the ideas from last episode, where Jean insisted that the kingdom was at peace, by throwing Jean into a district in turmoil.

Maybe they're trying to build him towards becoming a more key figure in the coup by having him come to understand the kingdom more. It's possible that he's just been going through the motions with his inspection job up to this point and the coup has made him look more closely at the districts he visits. It does seem like so many people assume that Jean should know a lot more given his position.

Gasp! Technology!

Given that ACCA governs one large country composed of multiple districts, I find it hard to believe that one of these districts could be so far cut off from society, so maybe this society is just like the Amish.

So these guys are purposely isolationist? How do they survive? I doubt they're self-sustaining because they're not the farming district.

Is this part of the "preserving tradition" thing or are they actually afraid that Jean would learn something dangerous from talking with the locals? Or it maybe the other way around? This district is very interesting.

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. I know I said last week that it would make sense for Jean to become more involved with members of the coup as part of his investigation, thereby making him seem more suspicious to the people who suspect him as the ringleader, but isn't this a bit too soon? It almost feels forced.

I agree with this guy. Why would you bring a key enemy right into the middle of your secret meetings? At this point, I'm hoping this whole setup is a misdirection and it's actually a coup within this district, not the kingdom-wide coup.

Yeah, that's pretty much what I figured. This is a really nice development, given the range of reactions it got from me. As a small complaint, though, I'd say I wish the reasoning for the coup was explained better. This guy just says "nothing has changed", but that could mean anything given what we've seen. Maybe he means that the government has maintained a consistent iron grip, the technology of the district has yet to progress, or that society has stagnated...or all of the above.

Would the Transportation Department have records of a flight made in this guy's personal jet? I suppose he probably had to leave from a public airfield or something.

The music playing here is sweet. But that aside, ACCA just happened to find a different meeting spot at this point? That sounds like some convenient timing.

This is Nino, right? did the coup just fail? I mean, it kinda makes sense given that they were caught off-guard, but I didn't expect it to happen off-screen.

Jean just remains composure through everything, huh?

  • Karandi

    Feb. 2, 2017, 2:30 a.m.

    I loved the focus this week on the district struggle within the context of the potential coup for the entire kingdom. I also found myself going back to very conversation (not directly related to the district coup) in this episode to see if I could figure out just where is heading. I still don't know but I came up with a bunch of theories after this episode.



    Feb. 2, 2017, 5:59 a.m.

    yeah, this is turning out to be pretty interesting overall


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