Rewrite Episode 16: And now for the real story?

So I guess this episode ends the Moon Route? I don't know how long it took in the VN, but this felt pretty fast. Doing a more summary-style post for this episode as well because I don't think I have enough comments to go through as usual.

Let's started with the entire point of the arc, Kagari's theorem. Based on my understanding so far, she's been running simulations on the Moon to find a way for the Earth to prosper without sacrificing all of humanity/civilization. Through some Kotarou main character BS, she's able to get that magic solution and as such, sends Kotarou and the rest of the main characters back to the Earth. If I'm understanding correctly, even the events of the first season were just another simulation taking place on the Moon.

So here's my question...are we now just watching history unfold? Is the Terra Route just a roll of film that's been put in the projector for us to watch? The story hasn't really approached the idea of destiny yet...Kotarou briefly mentioned it with the comment about lines with uncertain endings, but given that the theorem is "solved", the uncertainty should be gone. Just how much free will exists in the universe we're being shown?

That brings me to my next point, character death. Everyone has been getting all kinds of dramatic death scenes, but exactly how meaningful are these scenes if every one of these deaths is temporary? I feel like I'm reaching the point where I'm pretty much numb to death. The only one that seems to actually matter is Sakuya's death, as he explains that his death is somehow permanent since he brought together all versions of himself. But even this death doesn't feel like much since we're never really given all that much reason to care about Sakuya.

Sorry, this is just a random screenshot...looks like the studio forgot to CG these dinosaurs. On that note, I want to mention that while this episode has a lot more action, a lot of it felt underwhelming. The girls have some good attacks, but the final fight with Sakuya and Kotarou was just a depressing series of still shots.

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