Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Episodes 39 and 40: Most hated character of all time

It's been a while since I talked about this show, so I'm just going to do something quick. Not too many comments on episode 39, so most of my comments are going to be about episode 40.

I really don't understand why this series enjoys showing its hand so much. They made it very clear that a tragedy was approaching when Biscuit died in the first season. They were pretty glib that either Aston or Takaki had to be killed. And here, they weren't exactly too secretive about Naze.

To give them the benefit of the doubt, Naze's death has made the most sense of everything so far. He was a character I liked, but he's been covering for Tekkadan too much in Teiwaz and removing him from the fight forces Orga to grow. Still, it was pretty sad to see him go and I almost wish it didn't have to happen. I get the feeling that this will only lead to another one of those scenes where a member of Tekkadan brutally murders Jasley just like Radich and Crank.

Julietta gets a little attention in this episode, but I'm honestly getting tired of her. I get that she’s desperate to prove herself and all, but her character just doesn't seem interesting. Maybe I've seen too many characters like that.

I did, however, like the fight between her and Amida, where Amida basically proves to her that she can volunteer for prototypes all she’s her attitude that’s keeping her from amounting to anything.

And finally, the main story of this arc...Iok. This series is doing a fantastic job of making me despise this guy. He's frustratingly annoying and acts legitimately stupid in practically every scene. Having him target the escaping lifeboats, in particular, just cemented him as a piece of scum. The fact that he gets to survive almost cheapens Naze's death and leaves a terrible tase in my mouth after seeing it. He better not get some kind of redemption arc, because I really don't think he deserves it.

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