Little Witch Academia Episodes 2 and 3: How to Train Your Broom

Okay, this week's rotation is Little Witch Academia. I'm going to be doing this post a little bit differently because I have a few things I want to point out in episodes 2 and 3 specifically. Let me know what you think.

Episode 2

A major portion of this episode was an introduction of the school, specifically a few of the fields of study available to the students. They were mostly interesting, with magic linguistics being comparable to language or grammar classes, magic numerology being pretty much math, and magical pharmacology being chemistry, I guess.

I do have a minor complaint about the numerology class, though. I get what they're trying to do with introducing Diana as a character, but I would have liked it if they hadn't made the teacher seem so incompetent. The advanced concepts of math are generally built on the fundamentals, so it's the subject that I would say makes the least sense for a professional to make an amateur error, especially with a textbook right in front of her.

There was also a comment that Diana made that caught my attention, that magic was largely built on tradition and prior research, which is pretty similar to scientific study. It might explain why people don't take Shiny Chariot seriously. In the science fields (this is less of a thing in the modern day), scientists who attempt to popularize science by bringing it to the masses can be seen in a negative light as they're sacrificing time that they could be spending in the lab. As such, while Shiny Chariot might be exposing people who don't know much about magic to the wonders of it, she may be shunned by the magical community because she isn't advancing magical knowledge by doing so.

Those were my main comments on the second episode. As a final small comment on Akko, I'm just wondering...will her gimmick be just that she solves issues by remembering the information on the back of her cards? Or was that just a one-time thing?

Episode 3

This episode seemed a lot more focused than episode 2, probably because they didn't have to introduce as much. I thought the consistent jokes about Akko's inability to ride a broom were funny overall. Do the instructors really expect her, someone completely new to magic, to understand what it means to "funnel your magic into the broom"? To me, that's like asking me to "focus my chi in my chest" or some other babble.

The Sorceror's Stone introduced in this episode also answers the questions I asked about brooms in the first episode, but it kinda raises new questions. How many of these stones exist? Just how widespread is magic? What use is spending the majority of your life studying magic if it can only be used within maybe a 20-mile radius?

Can we talk about how ridiculous that race was, though? It's like they looked at how horribly unregulated and unsafe Quidditch was and decided "Pfft...we can do better than that". The entire race revolves around one rule: never lose your baton. As long as you keep hold of your baton and pass it when you reach the next person, you're apparently allowed to use whatever means necessary to win the race. And I'd be generally okay with this if it were a standard school race that no one cared about, but the announcer at the beginning mentioned that this was being broadcast worldwide...was that just hyperbole?

And don't get me even started on how dead Akko should be from riding the legendary broom.

As a final comment, I just want to say that I'm completely convinced that Ursula is actually Shiny Chariot. She knows too much about the Shiny Rod, her eyes are the same color, and she always reacts when the name is mentioned. Who's with me?

  • Schrodingers Cat

    Jan. 26, 2017, 4:06 p.m.

    Ehh I was more into thinking Ursula was an old friend or something

    But Diana is totally gonna be love?



    Jan. 26, 2017, 4:53 p.m.

    i thought she may have been an apprentice or something, but the fact that her shy demeanor tends to hide her face and the fact that shiny chariot is suspiciously missing are what stand out to me.



  • PalpableEmoji

    Jan. 26, 2017, 5:49 p.m.

    Ursula being Shiny Chariot is an interesting theory within the realm of possibility, but there haven't been enough hints yet. We'll have to see how things develop. There is definitely something peculiar about the way she behaves, but that could just mean she's in the know about something related to Shiny Chariot's disappearance and not necessarily that they're one in the same.



    Jan. 26, 2017, 5:53 p.m.

    well, im starting to think that if i want to make the cool predictions, i gotta do them early. guess we can call it my wild guess of the show. i think i was running under the assumption that she was just someone who knew a lot about shiny chariot up until the point where they mentioned that shiny chariot had gone missing. seemed too convenient.


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