ACCA - 13-ku Kansatsu-ka Episode 3: The anticipation is killing me

This series is such a strange animal. It feels like nothing is really happening on the surface even after three episodes has passed, and yet each episode feels so tense, like everything could blow up at the drop of a needle. This episode, in particular, sets up so many different characters, each with seemingly separate agendas, all of whom have ambiguous motives. If everything is brought together, this series has a lot of potential.

And honestly, after all is said and done, I still wouldn't be surprised if Jean turned out to know a lot more than he seems to know based on his general attitude. I'm starting to wonder what I should really think here.

Totally not a date. Jean's reaction here is pretty funny too.

Whoa, this sounds kinda ominous. Was this just poor wording choice?

What? Really? The guy who's convinced that someone is planning a coup is refusing to allow anyone to investigate it? That's probably the dumbest leadership move I've ever seen.

Yeah, that sounds about right. I'm really curious about this detail, though. If you acknowledge that the future king is an idiot, but dislike the idea of a coup, are you saying that you prefer to have this idiot in charge? It sounds more like she would prefer for the idiot not to take the throne, so she should potentially be planning her own replacement.

This setup is interesting so far. The director-general is asking Jean to do some legitimate work off-the-record, which would make him look more suspicious to all of the people that suspect him as being the leader of the coup. If he actually manages to find anything, he'll start interacting with people involved in the coup, which will make him look even more suspicious.

Well, he's certainly setting himself up to fail. is the king a puppet? This aide guy seems pretty sketchy and he seems to have a lot of pull...that's a pretty standard villain profile.

Real smooth, buddy.

Man, I was expecting something to go wrong there. Why does this particular dish feel like it's overly important in this episode?

Good enough for me.

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