Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen Episode 3: Who could it be?

Well, this episode didn't really have all too much going on either. It's a strange choice to ease into things like this with an action-based series after such a long break. I mean, we're here to watch the fights, right? You could at least give us something. I feel like they're devoting too much effort into making the head priest suspicious, which I'm not sure is worth it. Anyone else feel this way?

In case you didn't get the joke from last week, we're going to make sure we put aside some time this week to explain it to you. Shura gave them really need to know this.

Nice entrance, buddy.

Good guy Shima.

Is my video messed up? Why does the brightness go down so much in a few of these scenes?

Is this scene really trying to set the head priest up as the traitor? I get that he's been set up as a deadbeat this entire time, but he never made a move on the eye. Only Yaozo and Mamushi approached the eye, right?

Eh...I have to stop thinking from the audience perspective. I guess it's at least a little reasonable to suspect Suguro's dad given that they're basically going off a secondhand account on what happened.

More flashbacks to stuff that we were supposed to "remember" from the first season, huh?

Yeah, totally! Wait a minute...

Hurry up and be friends with me again!

Uhh...Mamushi's sisters were just saying that she couldn't possibly be the culprit and that Shima's brother was probably the culprit. Why does she even need to ask this here?

Yup, not suspicious at all.

Manga Section

This episode only really covered a single chapter, with most of the extra time padded with flashbacks and that scene between Shiemi and Izumo. I dunno how far this series is planned to go, but this seems like a pretty slow pace. Anyway, other than the standard shuffling of scenes, I didn't really notice too much more than this:

  • This is kinda leftover from last time. Kinzou's entrance near the start of the episode where he kicks Shima out of nowhere makes more sense in the manga. In the manga, he hadn't really been introduced yet and it was a good way to introduce their dynamic as siblings. But in the anime, he was the one that picked up the group from the train station and he had that moment when they reached the inn where he "dropped out of character", which would have been a more natural point to start treating Shima normally. That's my take on it.
  • Kamiki comes off just a little bit more naturally in the manga. She's shown laying the sick people down in futons and making sure they're comfortable. The "hope you didn't get hit by the tea" thing seems more like forced politeness. This may just be nitpicking, though.
  • Really minor thing, but the final scene in the episode where Rin says "this time I'll get it" or whatever with the candle training is turned into a bit of a gag in the manga. He burns the candles again and Shura makes a side comment of something like "you failed again". I thought that was pretty funny, but its absence doesn't really detract from anything in the story.

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