Tales of Zestiria the X Episode 15: More betrayal everywhere

As usual, I'm conflicted about this episode. I really liked the fights in this episode, but I didn't really think the stuff with Alisha in the end were too interesting. Am I nuts or does it feel like we've watched Alisha find "new resolve" multiple times now? Also, I'm still wondering what Dezel was hoping to accomplish in the first place.

Was it really worth making it a point that this guy flips his ponytail? Also, Edna casually brushes this guy off as he probably deserves...nice one.

But...why? Is it because he's performing an evil act? Are seraphim not allowed to harm humans? What's the difference between what Dezel's doing right now and what Edna just did to the soldiers?

Nice, I missed the action in this show. Dezel's movements as he dodges the ice also make sense given his wind attribute. I think it's cool that it looks like he's sliding.

This fight is great and all, but we really need to take a step back. Are we sure that Sorey's seraphs are in the right here? Sure, they're trying to stop Dezel from...something. But they're basically laying waste to the surroundings as well, so how exactly are they better than him here?

More importantly, why were the seraphs acting alone in the first place? Was this Sorey's will? Sorey was told to split off because of Rose, but she basically stands outside the battle doing nothing anyway, so he basically did nothing but watch the entire fight.

Eh...Dezel explained it, but I still don't understand his obsession with Rose. I especially don't understand why he targets the sanctuary without an explicit command from Rose, but it takes multiple commands from Rose to stop him.

(Choosing this part of the scene for no reason in particular)

Aww, I can't believe they cut Sorey off here. He was finally saying something interesting. I agree with what he said about how idealistic his goal of allowing humans and seraphim to coexist was given that he can't even get humans to agree with each other. The statement about "a world without wars" is another idealistic goal, but it sounded like he was going to strive for something more pragmatic instead with the way he said it. I want to hear the grounded beliefs from Sorey! Come on!

I'm assuming Maven is saying "we decide ourselves what's right and wrong, regardless of the contradictions with outside principles", which is a somewhat fair idea, but I'm hesitant to agree.

Oh right...Alisha exists too.

Yeesh...Alisha was more useful in combat in the first season.

More wallowing from Alisha, I guess.

I was expecting this joke to go in a different direction (like Dezel was watching Rose during...private moments), but fun preview skit as always.

  • Karandi

    Jan. 24, 2017, 12:02 a.m.

    I loved the fight sequence between the seraphim but had the same question you did about the destruction (particularly after what's-her-name through a fireball at him). Though I also wondered about Alisha's sudden drop in combat skills. And as always, the preview skit was hilarious.



    Jan. 24, 2017, 6:31 a.m.

    it's one of those things where i want to give the benefit of the doubt, but i cant come up with good justifications


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