Youjo Senki Episode 3: Trolling this one guy in particular

It looks like we're done with the flashbacks after this episode. Overall, the episode was interesting to watch. Though at this point, I'm not sure whether I'm fairly judging the show or just enjoying the fact that I can think on the religious topics. I guess that one part where the doctor and Tanya walk through the base and argue as the scenes changes works into my obsession with scene transitions, though. I'm trying pretty hard to outright nitpick at this god, though.

I was honestly expecting this tactic to blow up in Tanya's face. She already proved last week that she doesn't fully understand the mentality of the commanding officers, but I guess there has to be some stuff that goes right.

I can't decide whether the transition into this scene is good or bad. On the one hand, it was incredibly jarring, but on the other kinda makes sense that nothing goes right for Tanya.

When in doubt, add more cores!

I mean, I understand Tanya's complaints, but she seems pretty much fine for someone who just exploded twice.

I dislike this guy already. I get that he's a mad scientist, but his constant insistence of the same thing is frustrating to watch.

This guy has way too much free time.

Also, I can't really complain about this portrayal of a god as petty and attention-seeking's actually quite reasonable. Is this guy really the Creator? Because that actually makes his case worse.

I would complain about this, but a scientist desperate to have his invention work would probably be quick to believe anyone who gave him a way to do it.

Do we really need the nutcracker visual here to know that it's Being X talking? I mean, you could just say he/she is talking through the core or something and be done with it. Anyway, as flawed as I want to say Being X's logic is, it's technically correct. But if all he/she wanted was Tanya's faith, then that mission is already accomplished when Tanya says the prayer. It's probably translation error, but I'm guessing what Being X really wants is Tanya's worship, not faith or belief.

I guess we're finally caught up?

Well, she showed her hand pretty quickly. Does she really expect Tanya to answer honestly? Now that I think about it, she never confirmed her belief about the other two soldiers, so I guess she doesn't have reason to doubt Tanya's answer yet.

So...this is the new thing that pulls Tanya back to the battlefield?

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