Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo S2 Episode 2: Something about friends

Well, I can't really say I hated the return of the toads. The episode also introduced Yunyun, who, if I'm being completely honest, wasn't all too funny. There was also that thing with Darkness, but there's no way I'm going to remember that scene next week. But uhh...no real complaints about Chomusuke.

I kinda want to try something different with Thursdays, so I think I won't completely commit it to Konosuba. Since I'm watching too many sequels in this season, I think I'll leave this day (and possibly Friday as well) open to rotate around through multiple shows so I'm not just covering sequels. Thoughts?

I like this cat already.

These toads make for a good recurring joke. But getting to the main point, I was going to ask when Kazuma got a bow, but he goes on to explain it right here...

Solid game graphics.

This scene goes on longer than I'd like, but this particular part almost makes it worth it.

A new challenger approaches?

Isn't this joke a little obvious?

Haha I wasn't expecting this.

That's two girls Kazuma has gotten in the bath with him, right? I have to admit he's pretty good at this.

I agree with Megumin. The scene earlier where Kazuma said Megumin was prettier than Yunyun was the more damning scene. He's clearly been established as a lolicon already.

Uhh...Chomusuke? What are you doing back there, buddy? Oh, right! Stuff about Yunyun! I'm totally listening.

Putting this here for no reason in particular.

I mean, Megumin broke the orb because she couldn't bear it, so you clearly won, Yunyun.

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