Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen Episode 2: Casual alcohol fixes everything!

So, this week's episode just sets up the Kyoto group and goes into Suguro's daddy issues. I'm pretty biased against this episode because I don't really like the type of character Suguro's father is, so I kinda missed the action. It looks like things might be starting up with the quick scene at the very end of the episode, though. As before, there's a summary of manga differences at the end of this post.

Asian mothers...always criticizing your appearance when you finally come home. I know how that feels.

Casually telling Rin to stay out of sight.

I mean...I won't argue with that.

These families really hate hair dye... alright? You're not looking too great in this scene.

Nadeko sisters. Anyway, Mamushi's complaint here makes no sense. Suguro criticizes her for causing discord among allies and she tells him that he should be talking to his father. Weirdest deflection ever.

Good guy Shima.

Do anything with your life! Except the thing you just said you wanted to do! Parent logic!

I mean, he's obviously hiding something, but I generally dislike this kind of character. There's gonna be a "I didn't tell you to protect you" moment for sure.

To make it clear how mysterious and evil I am, I'm going to perch myself unnecessarily on the top of a tower overlooking the city. Mwahahaha!

Manga Section

If you don't want to know about the manga, you can skip this. Overall, about two chapters are covered again, so that's probably going to be the typical rate for this series. I'll point it out again if this ever changes. Anyway, here are a few differences I noticed:

  • A scene on the train is skipped where Rin uses his flames to protect Shiemi and she realizes that they aren't harming her. Feels like it should have been pretty important, but whatever.
  • Similar to the first episode, roles that are filled by random Exorcists in the manga are filled with actually named characters in the anime. In the case of this episode, most of the roles of Shima Kinzou are not done by him in the manga. No real effect, but I guess the anime is trying to reduce the amount of random throwaway characters. Probably saves on voice acting roles?
  • In the manga, Rin realizes that the Exorcists in Kyoto are trying to keep him out of sight and he doesn't show any indication of realizing this in the anime. I have a minor issue with that.
  • There's a small scene between Shiemi and Izumo that helps build their relationship that's missing in this episode. Based on the preview, though, it looks like it's been moved to the next episode. Probably has no real effect on anything.
  • Multiple scenes get moved around in the anime version, similar to the first episode. I don't think they have a noticeable effect in this episode, though.

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