Rewrite Episode 14: Yandere Love Simulator 2017

So we're back with this show again, huh? Honestly, I didn't feel like I got too much out of this first episode. The first half of the episode felt more like it was for the people who read the VN, and the second half was largely Koutarou narrating to himself. If there was a bigger point to the episode, I didn't really get it.

As usual, I don't want to take too many sequels in this season, so I'll likely have to cut one from regular posting. So far, this series looks like it might be the one to go. Still, this episode felt like largely a fluff episode, so I don't know if I should just from just this.

I can't tell whether this is the eventual conclusion of one of the two routes in this season or just a scene for the VN veterans to tell me all about...

Haha! It was all just a dream! And apparently Shizuru is the culprit.

Wait, so are they just cycling through the different endings? This one's clearly Shizuru's ending. Was the first one Kotori's? Or just a bad end?

Chihaya's turn?

Haha, okay. I'm fine with this one.



Couldn't you have used a term like "pathway" or "thread"? "Theory" makes no sense here...

So...he just sits here and watches her?

Aaaaand they're friends now?

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