Little Witch Academia First Impressions (1): Reference City

So, I was considering skipping this series because I didn't watch the movies, but I decided otherwise. Overall, the episode was interesting enough as an introduction. It's obviously familiar, but still intriguing. Putting a character who knows nothing about the magical world straight into it is something we've seen before, but that doesn't make it bad. I think it makes things easier for me as a viewer as well while I try to figure out the rules of the world myself. While I don't know all too much about glasses girl yet, the two characters that were more fleshed out in this first episode seem to have a lot going for them as characters.

I wonder how long I can make it without explicitly naming "Franchise Which Must Not Be Named".

I'd want to be an astronaut after seeing this too, to be fair. What's that? This isn't Space Brothers?

Is there just a single bus stop? I'm starting to understand why people compare it so much with that other thing about magic schools.

The sharp beak that clearly hit her in the eye just gives her a bruise. Yeah yeah, I shouldn't question magic birds too much.

Oh, so she's a Mugg-[censored]. Also, how is it that all of the new students are bad because one of them is a commoner? And if the school is allowing "too many commoners", then why is it such a big deal if there's only one in the latest batch of new students? Either the past few sets have had one non-witch or there has been a group in the past with multiple non-witches.

Look! We're clearly not referencing that other series! The main character isn't naturally gifted at riding a broom! We probably don't even have a sport based around broom riding!

So, can witches only ride the leylines with their brooms? Because I find it odd that none of these witches ride their broom to the station.

It's a demon!

Despite this ridiculous detour, I get the feeling they'll still make it to the matriculation ceremony on time. And a forbidden forest? Really?

Haha nice. I should have seen that coming.

She's the chosen one! For some reason...

Wait...if that was Akko's plan, what was the point of the staff? I guess this doesn't end up working?

Somehow fire breath is more effective than a petrifying breath...go figure.

Is Akko's mouth wide open in this shot?

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