Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo S2 First Impressions (1): Not the booze!

Still not sure how to handle this show, but I can at least go over the first episode. Overall, I thought the episode was good...had a lot of good moments (which I talk more about below). To poke some holes, though, I'd say the animation quality looked noticeably strange, and left me wondering whether the first season was like this.

I promised I would stop making references, but come on! How could I ignore this one? It's not even the same genre, man!

Also, does that say "etranger"? I give it a pass because this seems to be the original version and not a translation, but still...

Getting right into the swing of things, huh? I had to take a moment to refresh my memory on the events of the last season. Also, should it be "subversion of the state" or "subversion to the state"? I'm not good with legal talk.

In this scene: Kazuma has no friends.

I'm not sure whether this is a nice gag or not. Most modern combination locks have a master key in case you forget the combination. Also, do they just make him turn away when they unlock it? It seems like it would be pretty easy to get the code.

I'll be honest. This gag isn't too bad. But why do the explosion again if the guards are still here? Wasn't the entire point to distract them?

This scene's pretty good. The usage of the lie detector bell to force Kazuma to admit the truth that he is unable to accept himself is a nice touch. The back and forth relationship between the prosecutor and Kazuma where each grabs the advantage in the conversation on the turn of a dime is also a nice touch.

The big complaint I had was with the bait-and-switch that happened at the very end with the bell ringing on Wiz. Just a bit too predictable.

Going a little "Phoenix Wright" on this, huh?

What the heck?

Wiz, you seemed very willing to speak up earlier...

The lie detector bell really makes a lot of the "witness testimony" stuff moot. I get that it's a parody, but why even bother with that stuff?

The lie detector bell doesn't go off here.

Well, I guess Darkness came in handy. Is that going to be the entire motivating force for this season? Getting Kazuma off the hook?

Uhh...you already did that with your outburst in front of the lie detector bell, dude. You just need to make that lord guy happy.

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