Demi-chan wa Kataritai First Impressions (1): Randomly monsters

Not doing a full post for this show because I only have a few comments on it. As an introduction to the series, it follows Takahashi Tetsuo, a biology teacher with an obsession with "demi-humans", people who have developed the traits of monsters. By a fluke of plot convenience, he finds three of these demi-humans are in his school as students and one as a fellow teacher. The series basically follows him as he seeks to understand their unique situations.

As a random note: in total, the first episode covered two chapters from the manga, which seems to be a common theme this season.

Overall, I really liked this first episode. I think the strongest point for me is how the comedy is delivered in the anime version. While reading the manga, the fact that this series is a comedy didn't really come across as much. The scene where Hikari reads the manga and comments on the vampire tropes was a quick 4-koma in the manga that I had basically forgotten, but it ends up being my favorite scene in the anime (especially the "stake through the heart" part).

Another aspect of the episode I liked a lot was having identical positioning of characters on the screen while transitioning between scenes. It makes the following scene seem so much funnier. I also appreciate how the series was more subtle about Kyouko struggling to contribute to a conversation with normal humans before finding Hikari, who is better able to relate with her.

One difference that did bother me between the manga and the anime versions was that last bit in the conversation between Hikari and Tetsuo, where Hikari uses two pencils to create the illusion of the vampire bite. In the manga, this is done completely without showing Hikari behind Tetsuo, which is my preference. I think showing the fake scene where Hikari is "biting" Tetsuo is unnecessary and takes away from the scene. But that's just my take on it.

So what is everyone else's opinion? Anything I missed? Other thoughts?

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