Youjo Senki First Impressions (1): Definitely not evil

Let's start of the season with this. This series seems to be set in an alternate war time again. I have no idea which war it is, but my preliminary guess is World War I even though the timing doesn't seem to match. Anyway, the main character (Tanya?) is an office worker from modern times that somehow got sent back to this time period in the body of a little girl. The first episode doesn't really do anything to establish that, though, so that's all I have. I can already tell there are going to be a lot of Izetta comparisons, though.

I really did like how Tanya gets introduced in this episode. She's initially introduced as someone who is very calculating and we see a couple of demonstrations of her obsession with promotions, a trait that makes sense in a former salaryman. I also thought that her establishment as an "evil character" was done well, first planting this idea that she cares about her soldiers through one of the other soldiers in her platoon and then hitting us with the whammy at the end of the episode that it was all just a scheme to get rid of them.

I'll be curious to see how Tanya's past factors into her decisions on the battlefield, though, and I'm even more curious why that has anything to do with her magical power. That part to me is the main point for apprehension. We've already seen a series where multiple nations have to strategize around a single girl and I don't really want to see it again. But things are still new, so I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt for now.

War! Excitement! Death!

Oh hey...mages exist in this universe. But they seem to be a standard war unit this time.

Explosion! Wait...that episode's not until next week.

Well, narration about this mythical war is probably supposed to tell me which war it's mirroring, but I don't know enough history to figure out which one. One of the world wars is probably the safest guess.

Why exactly are we using chess pieces on a war map like this? It would only make sense if each piece represented a type of platoon (like maybe the bishop represents the magic units). But I highly suspect that the real motive is to say "hey look at how smart these guys are! They have chess pieces!".

So did these guys actually screw up the mission with their insubordination? Their anger makes sense if the attack they made didn't really jeopardize anything, but they just mentioned other companies that were completely wiped out. Did they actually screw up or are they just an example of how much the lieutenant hates disobedience?

Isn't she supposed to be from the modern era? It seems odd that someone from our time would go so quickly to the sword when faced with disobedience.

Aww...she cares?

This girl is asking to die...

This analysis of the enemy fighting strength is pretty cool.

Wait...really? She just goes in to take them on herself?

Why exactly is she broadcasting to these people? I don't really know much about war, but I guess it's supposed to be preferable if they surrender or something.


Oh snap. This reveal is actually awesome.

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