Filler Post: Because I don't feel like watching Akiba's Trip

I know his post is pretty low effort, but I'm feeling a bit lazy today. None of you mind if I skip the show about ripping clothes off of female anime characters, right? Not even sure how clothes could possibly be effective in keeping vampires safe from sunli- no, none of this.

Just a few general updates first. I would have more to say on manga things, but I've been spending most of my time reading Tower of God. If you're familiar with this series, it's over 300 chapters long right now, so I'm not exactly making all too much progress.

Also, since I'm back from China, I'm starting up with streaming again. I'm starting up with Dark Souls III and you can find the first video on my channel. Still trying to figure out whether I like Youtube or Twitch better for streaming, but that's for me to handle.

Man, I hope I have some more options for tomorrow...

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