Fate/Grand Order - First Order Review

Not sure if this counts as a review, but I guess this is kind of a movie. If this game existed in full English, I'd probably play it (also, the fact that my phone takes forever to load the app). Yeah, I know I would ignore the story anyway, but I just can't handle menus in Japanese. Anyway, based on my very limited knowledge of the game, this OVA is an introduction to the story of the game. I've only played a bit past the tutorial, so this was fairly new to me.


Story-wise, I hate to say it, but I think it was pretty predictable. As a brief overview, the story revolves around an organization named Chaldea, which are basically acting like Time Lords to protect the future of humanity by travelling to the past and altering history for mankind's benefit. The main character, Ritsuka Fujimaru, is a Master candidate in the organization who gets called in to save mankind from imminent extinction.

Separating the main character, Ritsuka, from the main group at the beginning isn't exactly the most original development in the world because it guarantees that he's going to be the only one that doesn't get caught up in some catastrophe for the examiners. Also, the Leff reveal at the end was pretty telegraphed. That being said, I will admit that I wasn't expecting what happened to Olga. That was pretty brutal. But overall, not too impressed. And I'm aware that the ending was a clear advertisement for the game, but it was still a bit silly.


The Servants in this OVA shouldn't be too unfamiliar given that they're the Servants from Fate/stay night. There were probably a lot of references that I missed, though, since I don't really know the game. I'm not sure if they're given different classes in the game, but I thought that was a nice touch.

As for newer characters, they're...honestly not that special. Ritsuka has an excuse because he's supposed to be the player character in the game, but I didn't really feel anything for anyone else. Olga in particular felt like she had no real purpose. Uhh...and Mash too was an exception? She was totally okay? (Please don't kill me, fanartists)


I didn't really notice anything in particular with the animation. Seemed fine to me. The fight scenes in particular looked solid, with the exception of Mash's fights. Maybe I just find her class boring, but I wasn't too impressed, especially with her battle against the big bad.

Music-wise, the soundtrack was pretty good. I didn't recognize the composer, but his music hits a lot of the elements that I really like in music. I'm not sure the songs were placed too well, though, in the scenes. To give a quick example, there's a scene at the beginning where Ritsuka is talking to Mash and the song playing in the background feels completely unnecessary. I was also not a fan of the theme song that played at the end. Too many discordant notes that pulled me out of the song.

Overall Score: 6/10

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