Drifters and Sangatsu no Lion: Fall 2016 Manga vs. Anime Comparisons

I'm going to be on a plane all day today, so this post is a bit more filler. For two of the airing series in Fall 2016, I was following the manga while watching. Admittedly, I wasn't fully paying attention to the details when going through the manga version (just kinda skimmed through), but I wanted to note a few things I noticed. Feel free to let me know how I can improve these. They might become Youtube videos in the future.


Both adaptations were pretty faithful, but I'd say this one was more so out of the two. The series ended up covering about 45 chapters in the manga, averaging about 3 chapters per episode, which seemed like reasonable pacing. The major difference was the final episode, which covered about 6 chapters instead, which may explain pacing concerns with the episode.

As far as the comedy moments in the series are concerned, I'd say they're largely the same in the manga (the backgrounds might be different, though, if that matters). So if that was your concern with the series, I don't think it will be much different in the manga. The only difference might be that panels are easier to skip.

Sangatsu no Lion

I'd say the studio took more liberties on this series than the studio for Drifters. There were the trademark Shaft elements that you'd pretty much expect, so I won't spend too much time on that. I'd say the major difference that rubbed me the wrong way was overcommitting to the annoying cat song that taught how to play shogi. In the manga, this ends up being a couple of pages which are easily skimmed.

Another small thing that didn't sit well with me was giving the Kawamoto family's cats voices. I think their comments work better as text, but that's just personal preference. As for pacing, the episodes in the anime are basically split up at each chapter (every time a new title comes up in the middle of the episode), so pretty much 2 or 3 chapters per episode. But anyway, since this series is still airing, I'll try to pay more attention going forward.

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