Marth's Random Adventures: Climbing Mountains

So this post isn't really anime-related because we're on a bit of a break before the winter season starts. Something my family does a lot when we travel is climbing mountains, and this year has been no different. We don't take things too seriously and tend to go to tourist attractions with clear trails (not rappelling off cliffs or anything). Anyway, I got pictures...sorry in advance for my trash phone camera work.

View of Seoul from Namsan

First on the list is Namsan in Seoul, Korea (this is a shot of the city from the mountain). This one was conveniently close to our hotel in Myeongdong, so we went for it. It's a pretty chill mountain with a bus and cable car that can go to the top.

We ended up taking the bus part of the way up (because we didn't know which stop to take), and walked about 1.5 kilometers to the top. The way down was a bit longer, so I'd estimate about 4 kilometers total. Pretty easy climb if you're interested and there's N Seoul Tower at the top as a tourist attraction.

View of Shanghai from Sheshan

Next on the list is Sheshan near Shanghai, China. This one was a bit unplanned, so I don't know too many details about it. We ended up taking a path through a bamboo forest to get to the top, which houses a church and an observatory/astronomy museum (an interesting combination). Overall, probably about the same as Namsan at give or take 5 kilometers.

View of snowy peaks from the cable car station on the ground

Icy trails of Huangshan's peaks

And finally, we have Huangshan (or the Yellow Mountains in English). Unfortunately, I don't have many shots of the ground from the mountain because the snow obscured everything. And yeah, walking on a mountain covered in snow and ice is not exactly ideal. It made the journey seem twice as long.

Had to get a bit lazy with this one. We ended up taking a bus to a cable car up the mountain. Then we basically walked across the top of the mountains to another cable car that brought us back down. Overall, it was probably about 10 kilometers total. I doubt we would have made it all the way up the mountain on foot. There are a lot of cool rock formations at the top, though. Just...maybe check it out in the summer?

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