Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 38: Full Power

Well, the fight between Barbatos and the Mobile Armor went...pretty quickly. After so many episodes, I feel like I still don't understand Mikazuki and Orga. At this point, it's looking like Mikazuki will become just like Ein by the end of the series, so I guess there's no hope for the harem, huh?

What? You're kidding, right? They're really doing a timeskip so they can tell the story of the battle in a flashback. Just...why?

This fight is pretty insane, but it's so disordered that it's hard to follow. I understand that this is the point, but it doesn't change the facts.

That fight felt like it was as close as a final boss fight would be, but finished in a quarter of the time.

I was honestly expecting the Teiwaz guy to say "I admire your spirit" or something, but he keeps his reasoning completely business.

Can this guy die already? He's worse than Ein.

Oh yeah...I have to keep reminding myself that he's been getting paralyzed from his full-power fights. Well, it'll be harder to ignore this one.

He needs character growth!

I shouldn't have laughed at this line as much as I did.

Time to get serious? It's a bit awkward that McGillis progresses more than Mikazuki.


Well...Orga's about to do something stupid.

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