Drifters Final Episode (12): Second season when?

In this episode, Toyohisa gets cut a million times without dying of blood loss. This episode went by with so little resolution that I forgot it was the last one. Well, given the way the series was progressing, this ending was to be expected.

I'm glad we got an announcement of a second season, but it sounds like it's not a typical one season break since we weren't given a definite year. Overall, this series has been a lot of fun. Nobunaga's strategy corner is probably my favorite part, but the series has solid action and an interesting history tie-in.

I want to believe this guy is Saitou.

I wish I knew enough history to answer this question, but I'm sure flashbacks will come to the rescue.

At some point, they have to realize that he's helping them.

Haha excellent usage of elven height.

Yeah yeah...we get it.

This attitude would have been nice in the fight against Joan.

This is a cool shot.

I don't understand why Olminu is bothered by this.

I'm surprised he has this much faith in Nobunaga. I feel like a lot of Toyohisa's quirks come out of nowhere.

You have an axe, right?

Final Score: 7/10

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