12 Days of Anime Day 12: Event in Review

I'm definitely really original. Given that this was my first time participating in 12 Days of Anime and the fact that posts like this aren't exactly my strong point, I thought a bit of review of the event was in order. It was an interesting experience and I think I came up with some cool ideas...right?

The obvious lesson learned from this experience is "don't commit to 12 posts in a row when you only have ideas for 4". I dunno what I was thinking. As for the posts themselves, I'd say my favorite ones were the Death Note post and the fake science post. The fake science post was a last-minute idea, so I'm probably more proud of that one. I also could have handled tagging the posts on Twitter better...

Numbers-wise, the extra posts account for about a 30% increase in pageviews, which is pretty solid. The Death Note post had the highest number of views at 47, which probably makes sense since it came first. The posts also managed to get over 40 comments, not counting my own. I don't have a precise number because I'm writing the post in advance and the number changes.

So, let's end with some questions for the readers. Which posts did you like? What could I have done better?

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