12 Days of Anime Day 11: Crunching the Numbers 2016

Okay, I know I said I'd talk about the worst anime from the year in this post, but they're pretty much all in the post on what shows I regretted covering. Instead, this post is going to be going through some numbers. Everyone loves numbers, right? I won't have meaningful data for December 24, so this data is only up to December 23.

Starting off, we'll go with some general stats. I switched over to the new blog on June 30. In this time, I've received 19,584 pageviews (adjusting for an anomaly on September 13). That comes out to roughly 110 views per day, which is pretty good in my book. The blog has also been accessed in 12,774 sessions by 8,888 users (which is just a cool number).

The post with the most views was Taboo Tattoo Episode 2 with 192 views, which is surprising to me. In fact, three of the top five are Taboo Tattoo posts. You guys are nuts. Also, the most popular search term over this time was "inexorable tribulation" with 28 clicks. Thanks, Drifters?

Other than the United States, which accounts for 47% of my views, the next countries down the list are the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Indonesia, Canada, and Australia, in that order. The average load time is 3.94 seconds, which isn't the worst thing in the world given how many images load on each post. I should work on that, though. For the future, anyone have any suggestions for numbers I should calculate?

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