12 Days of Anime Day 10: Top Anime of 2016

Sorry for the low effort post. I'm honestly running out of ideas. These are my picks for favorite series of 2016. Again, in no particular order. Tomorrow, we'll do the worst? I promise the last post will have some more effort involved.

3-gatsu no Lion

Not done yet, but a solid candidate from the current season.


Seeing one of my favorite manga series adapted into an anime was definitely one of my favorite parts of 2016.

Alderamin on the Sky

I think this series takes the award of biggest surprise in 2016 as well. It was just a lot of fun to watch a military-style series with a ton of strategy involved.


The obvious choice, but it needs to be here.

91 Days

Solid mafia series. I thought the main character was cool and the revenge plot was fun to watch unfold.

Gundam Unicorn RE0096

This series flew below the radar, but I had fun watching it. I hadn't watched the movies and for some reason, I had an easier time powering through a 22-episode series. Who knew?

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