Cheating Craft Final Episode (12): Because aliens

I don't think we expected much more from this ending. On to the next series.

When you're teacher is willing to do anything to make sure you pass...

As I've said before, Haku serves literally no purpose. Also, destroying the Earth isn't a huge deal, but taking Haku captive? How dare you!

You could have just said "this shield stops wind from flowing freely" and it would have been good enough...

I's over, right? She knows Mumei cheats, so he's busted, right?

Wait...this is the same test that was used in episode 4. That's the third time this same exact test has been used.

Uhh...the questions on that test are at about the Algebra II level. Some of these equations floating around Mumei's mind are at the Calculus level.

This feels like something that could have been at any time.

So Mumei destroys the machine and what? The Moon continues on its fall into the Earth? I mean, it's not like a destroyed machine could push the Moon back into its orbit. Also, I'm trying hard not to make a Burning Finger reference.

And then Mumei died...

Final Score: 4/10

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