12 Days of Anime Day 9: Top 5 Fake Science Moments in 2016

Let's try something different. Here are my top 5 fake science moments of 2016.

5: Kiznaiver - The Kizuna System

The Kizuna system in Kiznaiver was a mechanism used to distribute the pain felt by an individual in the system to everyone else in the system, basically a literal sharing of the pain. While it works as a plot mechanism, it's never really explained how that pain is caused in the individuals that didn't directly feel the pain.

The system is marked with a tattoo on the wrist, which is very much not the brain. Additionally, the system never has any consistency for when it decides to activate. There are scenes where characters get substantially injured and no pain is transferred.

4: Time Travel Shoujo - Time Travel Compass

This compass does a lot of weird things throughout the show, all of which are pretty much never explained. The one that still bothers me the most is the magic communicator that allows the characters in the control room to magically contact Mari regardless of what time period she's visiting.

3: Occultic;Nine - Souls

Revealing that the soul is just a magnetic field that emits radio waves has a lot of issues. There's no reason why the soul should be visible in a human form. Even if you said "oh, that's just how they see each other", I'd point out that living humans see them the same way.

Radio waves also have one of the larger wavelengths on the electromagnetic spectrum, which means that they cause more interference than other waves. The astral bodies should be getting disturbed by the radio waves in the electronic world pretty much constantly. They also have low frequency, so I don't understand why they would experience time more quickly than living humans.

2: Dimension W - Mass-Energy Equivalence

Do I really need to explain this? Einstein must be rolling over in his grave.

1: Orange - The Black Hole in the Bermuda Triangle

The series could have very easily gotten away with never explaining how the letters actually got to the past. In fact, it seemed to be devaluing that information as each episode went along, but then it finally decided to tell us how the future cast was able to...do the deed. Honestly, we were better off not knowing...or even better off being told that magical fairies carried the letters.

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