Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 37: Time for Trans Am?

I'm a little sad about Akihiro taking a back seat in this battle and melding into the background as usual, but I'm looking forward to the upcoming battle. I think this week's episode had a lot of good moments, specifically in that a lot of side characters got some action.

And in this week's episode, Vidar and McGillis

So it looked like there was some sort of safety mechanism built into the Gundams. Weren't they built to fight the Mobile Armor?


Oh, that's cool. So the Gundam is actually trying to beat the Mobile Armor by unlocking all of its power, but the pilot can't handle the load. You're surprisingly useful, Zach.

At some point, these guys have to start working together, right? Flauros a long-range attacker or something? How does this one work?

Nice scene, old man. Why can't Orga be this perceptive?


Oh hey, Ride got his moment...

It's a siege tank! I'm not a fan of being told about Flauros's transforming ability while we're watching it transform, but whatever.

Final showdown.

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