Trickster Episode 12: Stuff about Hanasaki

I guess that wraps that up. I mean, I suppose I could see what they were trying to accomplish with this episode, but everything I definitely didn't feel like there was ever a moment where I truly feared for the characters. And the magic sleep dust was just a bit ridiculous.

This entire scene has a dramatic setup and all, but Kobayashi is immortal, so there's literally no tension.

Yes, hitting the keys is the correct way to get back into the system.

Why does this work? Do the robots have regular optical sensors? Couldn't infrared just see through the camouflage umbrella?

Well...I guess these two are showing that they're the most like Akechi when they're working together. Hanasaki really has no business being a detective.

Is this supposed to be heartfelt?

That's convenient.

This line required the removal of that half of the shirt. Clearly...

I appreciate that Twenty Faces really messes with the characters, but I wish he had better motivation for everything.

Also, the fact that Akechi's response to all of this is "don't listen to him, Hanasaki" is silly. Why does he insist on hiding Hanasaki from the truth?

Ugh...Hanasaki ditches the surefire death from glass to jump off the railing, which pretty much ensures that he'll be saved.

Wow, this fountain is deep.

Uh huh...

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