12 Days of Anime Day 8: Manga Picks (of 2016?)

Shh...this is definitely not just another one of my manga recommendation posts disguised as a 12 Days of Anime posts. Uhh...I totally read these series in 2016, so it counts?

Space Brothers/Uchuu Kyoudai

Yeah yeah. I know this is cheating because I watched the anime, but the manga continues the story where the anime leaves off and I still think it's great. I recently decided to go through all of the manga chapters covered in the anime and re-read to check whether they're very different (there were 99 episodes of the anime in case you were wondering how dumb that was). To save you some work, you're not really missing anything if you start where the anime ended.

If you haven't heard of this series before, the premise is pretty simple. The main character, Nanba Mutta, and his brother, Nanba Hibito, made a promise to become astronauts when they are kids and the story centers on Mutta as he tries to fulfill this dream. I think the series is just generally inspiring and I really enjoyed learning more about astronauts in general (hopefully the stuff they show is accurate because it's really cool).


If you're planning to watch the Maid Dragon series in the winter season, this series is done by the same guy (maybe you wanna read something similar without spoiling the anime?). There's no real story as it's mostly a slice of life series with some romance, but it follows Jigokumeguri Hime, a rich kid who tends to piss people off with her arrogance, and her interactions with Kawayanagi Tsurezure, the quiet kid who doesn't seem to mind her.

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