Bungou Stray Dogs Final Episode (24): Joining the team

Well, this ending had strong points and weak points. I liked how they introduced the concept of Akutagawa and Atsushi working together, especially Dazai's line about Akutagawa fitting a support role. Kyouka's story also resolves nicely and doesn't feel overly forced.

However, the introduction of a "true enemy" at the very end feels like hardcore sequel bait that had no business being here other than giving Kyouka an excuse to do something in the finale.

Dazai as a character still bothers me. If there is a next season, we might actually get to see some more weakness from him (it's what made the flashback arc in this season more interesting). Finally, I'd just like to comment that this series has the hardest time killing characters...what's up with that?

This doesn't work, but it's still a nice use of teamwork. This fight's not bad.


Uhh...guys? I think the video I'm watching is broken. We've seen the same scene like three times in a row. Anyone know how to fix this?

Well, I guess they needed to introduce a new enemy so Kyouka could do something in this finale...

Also, there were like 2 seconds on the clock when the fall was stopped, right? If they're descending again, they've already run out of time.

Pfft...you think I'd really believe that Kyouka dies in this episode?

Also, you can't be serious, Japan. You get tsunamis all the time. You know that's not how water works.

Oh...I was expecting the President's ability to be much more of a ridiculous lifesaver. This is actually fine...

I'll just conveniently pretend not to notice the fact that Kyouka somehow figured out she could control Demon Snow even though Atsushi has never noticed the effect of All Men Are Created Equal up to this point.

Senpai noticed me!

This line's a little on the nose, don't you think?

I expect nothing less from you Kunikida. Even though the solo operation was Dazai's idea.

Lolicon! Also, did we really need to end the season with another "it was all part of Dazai's plan" scene?

I stand corrected. Apparently we needed ANOTHER "it was all part of Dazai's plan" scene.

Oh hey, Dostoevsky. More authors I know!

Final Score: 7/10

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