12 Days of Anime Day 7: Blogging Retrospective 2016

So this post might be a bit scattered. Since the theme of this event is retrospective, I'm going to just go over a few random thoughts I've had about the blog in general. I'd like to do a post on how I've managed to stay consistent with writing blog posts for 5 years, but I honestly don't have an answer for that. I'm assuming I like it?

Although I've been going for a while, I feel like I've only really started to understand my own tastes recently. I started a new style this year of posting more reactions to specific scenes in an episode rather than just going over the entire episode at the end. It's a lot more tedious, but I have to admit that it works to force me to analyze more closely what I actually like about a series.

I've done a few manga posts in this year and I honestly can't say I've liked them. I look at them as pretty much blind reactions and I feel like I don't say enough about the series. I want to change that, though, so I'm going to make a proposal. Maybe my "revived" Youtube channel is a good spot for focusing on manga reviews. If I were to do that, what kind of information would people want?

Just a quick dive into the technical side of things to finish things off. There are a few features I know are missing in this blog and I want to say I'm working on them.

The big one is comments. Disqus works alright, but there's a noticeable lag for every post where the comments need to load at the bottom. I want to store the comments locally to reduce that lag time. This may involve stripping down some of the functions, but I think it's worth it. Part of this project may involve tapping into Wordpress for this, but we'll have to see.

The other big project I want to have is adding some sort of analytics panel. I like looking at the stats for other sites when I visit them because it helps put things into perspective, so I should practice what I preach. I need some time to figure out how the analytics stuff works, but I want to add a section in the sidebar or maybe even a full page devoted to how I'm doing.

In the category of "small quality of life improvements", I want to add some counts, specifically a comment count for each post on the main page and potentially a post count in the categories listing. These are just small things my Wordpress blog had that I want to move along.

So yeah...that's all I really have. I'm surprised I've gone for five years and I'm sure I'll continue to be surprised at how long I eventually end up surviving in the blogging world. Here's to the sixth?

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