Shuumatsu no Izetta Final Episode (12): Give me your energy!

Well, I suppose I can't get too upset because this series actually got a formal ending rather than some unresolved mess, but this went basically how you'd expect.

What exactly was the moral of this story? It seems like Izetta's general message was "devote yourself blindly to your leader because they have to make hard decisions out of love" or something. In comparison, Sophie's behavior makes a lot more sense. She devoted herself to her country, but gets killed off when they can no longer control her. They didn't even think to ask if she would get rid of her magic the same way Izetta did?

Also, isn't it a bit silly to shove in a death scene for Sieg while keeping Izetta alive in the end? I mean, Izetta's much more deserving of death than Sieg is in my opinion.

Sophie gets this close to Izetta and does...nothing?

Just in case you didn't realize that Sophie's the bad guy, we're gonna have her indiscriminately kill an ally. Brilliant!

That is not where I thought he was going with that metaphor... Live video didn't exist in this time period.

Wait really? This is how Sieg dies? Not from the three guys chasing him from behind who had a straight shot in an alley?

I like how this guy lauded for his piloting skills does basically no piloting in this story. Still, the gunshot happens off-screen even though they just spent a lot of effort showing Sieg dead, so it's unlikely that Berkmann actually dies here.

Yeah yeah...I get that this scene is supposed to suggest that something similar will happen to Izetta because of the conversation that's going on with the world leaders.

Oh snap...she went for the spirit bomb.

If it's so easy to drain all magic from the world, why is there even any left in the first place?

More importantly, if magic isn't renewable, why would Germania research it as a viable power source for a weapon?

I'm still wondering why the collision of the two giant magic spheres doesn't cause an explosion that engulfs the entire world.

Hmm...what could this mean?

Oh screw you.

Final Score: 5/10 (Too generous?)

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