12 Days of Anime Day 6: Favorite Theme Songs of 2016

Pretty generic post for this day. This list is based on my own musical preferences and doesn't take the animation of the song into account in any way. These are in no order in particular (actually, they’re in alphabetical order, but pretend like you don’t notice).

3-gatsu no Lion OP/ED


Honestly, they're both good, so I couldn't choose between them. I might give slight preference to the OP.

Boku dake OP


I liked this song before I saw this series, so it feels like cheating, but I still think it works for the show.

Drifters OP

"Gospel of the Throttle" by Minutes Til Midnight

The surprise of the fall season for me. I love a good rock song and this one just caught my attention from the very first note.

Fune wo Amu ED

"I & I" by Leola

I like the opening for Fune wo Amu as well, but it doesn't really have enough going for it to make this list. Couldn't find the original song for this one, so sticking in a cover as a substitute.

Haikyuu S3 ED

Mashi Mashi by NICO Touches the Walls

This song has a great casual feel to it. Works really well after an intense episode of Haikyuu.

Joker Game OP

Reason Triangle by QUADRANGLE

I had some issues with the balance of the instrument volumes, but I still like the song.

Kabaneri ED

ninelie by Aimer with chelly

I couldn’t find the original for this one, but this is the best I could do?

Occultic;Nine OP/ED

Open your eyes by Asaka

If forced to choose between the two, I’d give slight preference to the ED song, but I think they’re both good.

Rewrite OP

Philosophyz by Runa Mizutani

Yeah, moving on.

Tales of Zestiria the X OP

Kaze no Uta by FLOW

I think I had another post that listed this song as my favorite from the summer season. That hasn't really changed.

Honorable Mention

  • Dimension W OP
  • Flip Flappers ED
  • Fune wo Amu OP
  • Grimgar OP/ED
  • Nobunaga no Shinobi OP

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