12 Days of Anime Day 5: What I regret not covering in 2016

Honestly, this is a lower-effort post, but it's the analogue to my "shows I shouldn't have covered" post. There are plenty of shows that might have made for a better lineup for each season, but these picks are more like the shows that I truly regret not picking in hindsight.

Alderamin on the Sky

This one shouldn’t be surprising because I’ve probably said it multiple times by now. I think I was initially put off by the concept of fairies/spirits in the setting, but they ended up being pretty extraneous. The main reason I thought this series was cool was that I like the concept of the lazy genius and I think Ikta embodies it well. Plus, strategy is fun.

Mob Psycho 100

Admittedly, I would have been pretty harsh on this series. I kinda had issues buying into the premise. The reason I put it here is that the show brings up a lot of ideas pertaining to understanding your strengths and compensating for your weaknesses that would have been interesting to comment on.

Hibike Euphonium S2

This pick's not completely certain, but I feel like this second season has been pretty solid so far and I did the first season. The reason I dropped it from the list was fairly arbitrary (I was trying to limit the number of second seasons in my list). But I ended up picking up Cheating Craft, so it ended up being a terrible reason.

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