Occultic;Nine Episode 11: Falcon punch

Phew...lot of stuff going on this week. The "science" in this series still pisses me off, but the events themselves was pretty interesting. While it looks like people have generally clustered together, I wonder they're all going to get together.

How do I words? Also, even the correct form, "at this moment", is redundant with "right now".

I'm not sure I'm a big fan of this wording. It's probably more correct to say that the charged particles encode for human memory.

I really don't like how this show casually glosses over the fact that your astral brain needs some sort of energy source to produce this signal...and exist in the first place.

Once again, Yuuta asks a pretty fair question.

Also, Aveline's answer to this question is that they're all ghosts who have attuned to the frequency of the living, which would explain why they can't see ghosts that aren't part of the 256 incident, but doesn't explain why they can see each other. If they can only see the frequency of the living, they should be visible to the living.

This is probably my favorite scene in the series so far, watching Asuna coldly deduce Izumi's identity.

I'd basically already guessed that he was the guy behind the mask, but I didn't really consider the possibility that he was the leader of the secret organization.


Well, you punched out Izumi in a rage, so it totally makes up for not going to save Miyu when she was in danger. That's how that works, right?

Also, this makes me wonder...was there ever a scene where any other character interacted with a living human? I remember Yuuta bumping into someone, but was there anyone else?

That's kinda cool. So in his astral form, he can change stuff that will then happen to his real body?

Does this mean that the 256 became ghosts before actually dying? It sounds like the ending they're suggesting. Everybody returns their real body at the time of the 256 incident or something.

You're telling me he got memories from the big brother from a corneal transplant? Why would you get memories from a piece of the eye?

Given that this series pushes the idea that the brain is just a container for the mind, Aveline's brain activity should have no effect on the memories of Ryouka. Basically, I'm saying this is nonsense.

This is just babble...Yuuta is special because reasons.

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