Drifters Episode 11: Three kingdoms?

Pretty cool episode. I like how the three Japanese Drifters are splitting up the races in the fantasy world for their specific preferences. It makes for an interesting army, much more interesting than the Ends with their fancy powers.

This is some hardcore rationalization for burning a city to the ground.

Can't tell if this is cold logic or blind faith. Also, you probably mean "crushed" here.

Given how much Nobunaga appears in media, I wouldn't be surprised.

This is actually a pretty cool twist for a meeting I was thinking was pointless in nature. I'm going to overlook the obvious question of how Rasputin knew about the meeting, though.

Thank you, Toyohisa, for stopping Rasputin's villainous monologue. That's exactly what this scene needed.

This, on the other hand, kinda ruins the moment. Do you really need to explain this one, Nobunaga?

I thought this joke was going in a completely different direction. I was expecting Saint-Germi's forces to be wiped out by the Ends before arriving as reinforcements, but it was just a joke about size...

Oh, now language is important?

And yet he had time to make another "toy".

While I do like how Nobunaga's here to be perceptive, this episode probably overdoes it.

Is there any reason why Nobunaga wouldn't stagger the volleys? They have 100 guns, right? There's no way they all need to stand in a single-file line to fire them.

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